VRI Speed Control


Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Speed Control is an option for growers who want basic VRI control and the benefits of applying water more efficiently. With speed control, your customized VRI prescription speeds up or slows down the center pivot to achieve the desired application depth across each sector. We’re an authorized Valley Irrigation dealer providing high-quality parts and equipment in North Dakota and Minnesota.


  • Customized management zones: Your field is divided into 180 sectors with optimized water application in every sector.
  • Precise application depth: Based on an uploaded VRI Prescription, your pivot speeds up/slows down to achieve the desired application depth along each sector.
  • Standard with any Valley ICON® smart panel.
  • Options: Available to install on any Pro2 or Select2 control panel, with required software upgrade.
  • Flexible: Utilizes your new or existing sprinkler package.
  • Remote access: Depending on the communications device, VRI Speed Control can be used with the Valley Classic or ClassicPlus control panels, as well as with non-Valley machines.

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